0% Radiation by Machine

50% Less Time

70% Reduced Cost

100% Clinical Diagnosis

200% Safer than others


With ongoing technological advancements in medical field, it has become possible to that your doctor can detect the Alzheimer’s disease in its nascent stage. Doctor now only need to prescribe the proper medication to make this disease come to an end.

At Petmri, we have the expert doctors who are always here to identify the illnesses that you may have. We have the world class SIEMENS fully integrated whole body PET/MRI system that helps to make imaging the entire body. This zero radiation emitting machine and thus, it is safe for our patients. It takes less time, economical way, and equips with the 100% clinical diagnosis. This machine helps to identify the exact location, type, behavior and size of cancer.

Petmri is the leader in providing the high-end PET-MRI scanning that helps to identify the life threatening diseases such as heart disease or cancer. We have the veteran doctors that help for the proper diagnosis of these diseases and with this; you can get away from the health risks as well. We understand the importance of being healthy and this is the reason why we are here.

We are here to offer the advanced hybrid imaging technology which is helpful to have the functional imaging and soft tissue morphological imaging. We help patients to get the Biograph mMR scanning that helps to capture the body anatomical, metabolic and functional processes and it gives the high-end precision & accuracy in diagnosing the treatments.

We have the designated doctors and counselors that render you the complete information and educate you on the

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